WHS & Safe Spaces Forms & Constitution

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DBC Constitution

The Constitution is available in 2 formats:



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Forms - steps for completion and submission.

When a form is required to be completed, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Obtain a form - either from the
  2. Church website
  3. Safe Spaces Board in the foyer.
  4. Complete the form - either online or hardcopy.
  5. The form must be signed before submission.
  6. Digitally completed forms can be signed via a digital signature OR through printing, signing and submitting either as hardcopy or scanned and emailed to the Church email address below.
  7. The 3 options for submitting the form are:
  8. Hand the form to the relevant office holder: Safe Spaces Officer, WHS Officer, Pastor
  9. OR email to denibaptistchurch@iinet.net.au
  10. OR 'post' it to the mailbox on the Safe Church Board
  11. if 'posted', PLEASE inform the relevant office holder by text or email so they can action as required.