Safe Spaces (Church) Information

Deniliquin Baptist Church is committed to providing places, services and programs that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety and model the love of Christ to all whom we have contact with, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The Church is committed to creating safe spaces where people can be confident that they will be cared for, nurtured and encouraged as they grow and at the same time, protected from spiritual, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

safe church

We aim to:

  1. minimise the risk of abuse, ministry misconduct and the misuse of positional power within the church.
  2. ensure that all cases of suspected abuse and ministry misconduct are handled in a consistent, unbiased and thorough manner.
  3. ensure that leaders and programs are safe.
  4. that all people are respected and valued irrespective of their gender, age, country of origin, cultural heritage, scio-economic background or ability.
  5. provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, voluntary workers and visitors and will endeavour to ensure that these people do nothing to place themselves or members of the public at risk of injury or illness.

The Procedures list provides maps setting out courses of action to be followed under certain circumstances.

The Policies & Forms list provides the required forms for Procedures and Policies which Deniliquin Baptist seeks to abide by.

The WHS link provides access to policies & forms relating to Work Health & Safety which Deniliquin Baptist Church seeks to abide by.


Procedures listed provide information in relation to Safe Church issues.

(Click on the highlighted text to open the relevant file.)

  1. Procedure for Conflict Resolution.
  2. Procedure for Staff & Volunteers.
  3. Procedure for handling complaints against staff & volunteers.
  4. Procedure for responding to child protection concerns.

Policies & Forms

Listed here are documents relating to Deniliquin Baptist Church’s Safe Church initiatives.

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  1. Safe Church Policy
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Privacy Policy & Form
  4. Guidelines for activities with children & young people
  5. Work Health and Safety Policy


For forms that support Safe Spaces and WHS, please click here.