Beyond Sunday

Growing in our relationship with God and Others

  • ŸSmall Groups: Small groups are an integral part of building community at Deni Baptist. Several groups meet in various homes during the week for mutual support, interactive Bible study, prayer and for some, the occasional social event. We encourage everyone to be in a group. If you would like to join one, please speak to one of the elders or small group leaders. 

  • 1:1 Bible Reading. We urge people to meet with others to be mutually encouraged by God's Word.


  • Youth Ministry: Every Friday fortnight both the Youth Group for years 5-9 and a Youth Small Group (Bible Study) for years 9-12 meet from 7pm to 9pm.   


  • Children’s Ministry: During term time, Kids Church / Sunday School meet each week during the sermon.

  • Hospitality Sundays and Soup Sundays. At various time we organise events to encourage people to meet together. Hospitality Sunday happens a couple times a year where several families host a small number of guests in their home. Soup Sunday happens every Sunday throughout winter at the church.

Growing in our relationship with the world

While we encourage personal witnessing to happen all the time, we also have two main evangelistic events each year.

  • ŸEaster in the Park:  Each year we hold a special guest/evangelistic event in Waring Gardens for our non-Christian friends and family in Deni. This event incorporates our Easter service. This is an opportunity to explain what we believe as Christians and what the Bible teaches about God and Jesus in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. 

  • ŸAFES Mission:  A team from Wagga AFES joins us early December to run evangelistic focused activities in our high school and primary schools, as well as other events such as the ladies Gingerbread Night and the men’s Game Meat Night.